Spa Treatments

All spa treatments and packages include your choice of herbal tea, champagne, juice or water.

  • Intensive Mud Wrap Body Treatment

    Our mud wrap treatment includes a personally prescribed body exfoliation and a silky mud wrap for detoxification, firming and hydration. This is followed by a 30 minute body massage.

    $170 - 90 min
  • Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

    A beautiful treatment incorporating massage with hot Hawaiian stones. The stones are also placed on your chakra points for warmth and balance, gently transporting you to a state of bliss!

    $160 - 90 min
  • Full Body Massage

    Swedish massage with aromatherapy oils.

    $98 - 1 hour
    $80 - 45 min
    $55 - 30 min
  • Energising Body Cocoon

    A full body exfoliation is followed by a spa jet body cocoon incorporating hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, steam and vischy shower.

    $130 - 1 hour
  • Rejuvenation Body Cocoon

    Full body exfoliation, spa jet hydrotherapy followed by 30 min massage.

    $170 - 90 min
  • Full Body Renewal

    Full Body exfoliation, your choice of mud wrap, spa jet steam bath and full body massage.

    $250 - 2 hours
  • Contour Body Wrap

    An all natural detoxification algae and plant extract body wrap designed to detoxify the body, reduce cellulite and to regenerate and tighten skin after weight loss.

    $105 - 1 hour
    $75 - with any facial
  • French Body Polish

    Uses a choice of exfoliants to deeply exfoliates the skin, leaving your body soft and silky smooth.

    $85 - 45 min
  • Oriental Sensations Spa Ritual

    A full body exfoliation commences with an enzymatic Amber and Myrrh syrup and gentle skin polishing with a Sothys hand-made clay-stone. This is followed by a massage experience with warm aromatic oils to nourish and enhance the skin - pure relaxation! Take home the exfoliating stone with you and continue to keep your skin smooth and soft with home care products from this range.

    $170 - 75 min
  • Hanakasumi Cherry Blossom Body Ritual

    Indulge your sense and enjoy total relaxation with this Japanese inspired well-being ritual for the body. Exfoliation with a Cherry Blossom rice powder with papaya enzymes and hydroxy acids refines the skin with a unique non-abrasive formula, after which warm, melted aromatic shea butter with floral and oriental elements is massaged into the skin. Finally your feet are cocooned in hot towels following a de-stressing foot massage to re-energise the entire system. A pure moment of wellbeing, immersing you in evocative floral fragrances and Asian scents.

    $170 - 1 hour 15 min