Guinot Facial Treatments

  • Hydradermie & Hydraplus

    These ultimate treatments deliver deep cleansing, hydration, cell renewal and oxygenation, using the Guinot Hydradermie machine. Hydraplus includes extra massage and the addition of specialised gels masks and serums for the eyes, neck and décolletage.

    $160 - Hydradermie, 1 hour 15 min
    $180 - Hydraplus, 1 hour 30 min
  • Hydralift Non Surgical Facelift

    This treatment lifts the features by stimulating facial muscles to define the facial contour. A series of treatments is recommended.

    $85 - 30 min
    $460 - Course of 6
    $900 - Course of 12
  • Hydralift

    Combines the lifting treatment with cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and mask.

    $180 - 90 mins
  • Hydralift Deluxe

    Combines the Hydradermie and Hydralift treatments.

    $200 - 1hr 45mins
  • Hydra Peeling

    This peeling treatment uses phytic acid derived from rice grains for deep down exfoliation, then dermostimulines to stimulate cellular activity for a renewed radiance.

    $145 - 1hr
  • Aromatics

    Uses pure essential oils and plant extracts to revitalise the skin.

    $120 - 1 hour